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Elleevate Keratin Mascara

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Give Yourself a Lash Lift Every Day!

Elleebana’s Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara is made to be an every day lifting mascara for lashes with or without a lash lift. Elleebana’s specially formulated mascara works in conjunction with a lash lift treatment and is gentle enough to be applied immediately after a lift treatment in a salon to enhance the effects. The mascara glides on lashes without clumping, simply providing gorgeous lash enhancement!

Product features:

  • Non-toxic, gentle, natural mascara
  • Enhances or creates lift and curl
  • Contains Keratin, arginine, and biotin
  • Elleevate contains Keratin complex — a strengthening protein that is naturally found in skin, hair, and nails — to protect and