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Infinity Aqua Drops | Hybrid Brow Tint

Infinity Aqua Drops | Hybrid Brow Tint

Welcome The worlds first henna-free liquid hybrid stain with bond-building properties!

Infinity's patent pending ground breaking formula includes 53 peptide bond builders to treat, protect and repair the brow hairs. 

Aqua Drops offer a hybrid skin stain and brow hair tint with longer lasting results while treating brow hairs to create a deeper, more realistic result. A skin stain like henna, but the brow hair tint like traditional color! This 2-in-1 tint is safe for use after an Elleebana Brow Lamination service, is Vegan and animal cruelty free! Each 15mL tube contains 45 treatments.
  • Henna Free
  • Lamination Friendly
  • Peptide Bond-infused Formula
  • Repairs and Treats broken and damaged hair
  • Up to 7 Day stain on skin
  • Up to 6 Week stain on hair
  • Pairs with a 3% Pump Bottle Oxidant (A Cult Favorite!)


Tips + Tricks For Application!

This hybrid stain tint for brows isn't just another brow product; it's a revolution. The patent pending formula with 53 bond-building properties offers a 2 in 1 tint and treat! Henna free, it stains the skin up to 7 days and the hairs up to 6 weeks. It promises durability and a stunning appearance. A few pointers for those working with it:

3:1 Mixing Ratio.
3 drops of tint to 1 part developer. Mix shades to get the right color, add Zeus cool toner for those cool skin tone clients, and try adding a small drop of black to formulas that need more depth and skin stain and cooling!

Apply in layers!
2 is typically enough, 3 if you are feelin it. The consistency is so easy to work with, you'll see your first layer settle nicely and then you can go back in to apply a second on top of that.

The longer you process the deeper the skin stain.
While we are typically only needing 5 minutes or so to process, if you need to achieve a deeper stain that will last longer you can process for up to 15 minutes when doing a standalone treatment on your guests.

When applying aqua drops post a brow lamination you'll want to do things a bit differently.
You'll want to line the bottom of the brow to get the clean outline and then gently feather it upwards into your laminated brow hairs. Process for less time after a lamination since those cuticles are open they will suck the color right up! Around the 5 minute mark depending on the client skin tone and results you want to achieve.

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