Elleeplex ProFusion Mini Tint Kit

Elleeplex ProFusion Mini Tint Kit

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Elleeplex Profusion offers a fantastic range of essential salon tinting needs to perform lash & brow tinting services.

The Mini Tint Kit colors include :

  • Elleeplex Black
  • Elleeplex Blue Black
  • Elleeplex Deep Brown
  • Elleeplex Light Brown
  • Paper Eye Shields
  • Elleebana Make-Up Remover
  • Ellee Shield
  • Crème Oxydant
  • 2in1 Mixing Dish
  • Application Brush

    All i
    n a beautifully presented kit box keepsake.  The essential pack will set you up to style your clients lashes and brows with ease. Shelf life 2 years unopened, 12 months once opened.