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PCA Skin

    Micro Brush Swabs

    Pack of 100 Features: Non-linting,Can be arbitrary bending angle, Disposable, clean and sanitary, prevent infection, Different sizes for different needs Use: Bonding agents, Smear, Etchants, Sealants,Remove eyelash extension. Microfiber Brush Tube:Consist...

    Complete Brow Henna Kit

    The Next Generation in Eyebrow Tinting! Elleebana Brow Henna complete color kit. This kit contains the full line of henna brow and lash tint Elleebana has to offer. One of each...

    Lash Cleaning Brush

    You’ve completed an Elleebana eyebrow course, now give your client’s the premier lash lift with this lash cleaning brush! Set yourself up for success when you use this product. Gentle enough...

    Elleebana Brow Henna Poster (3-pack)

    Set yourself up for success with these beautiful marketing posters!

    Brow Henna - NATURAL BROWN

    ELLEEBANA BROW HENNA PROVIDES FLAWLESSLY NATURAL EYEBROWS. Elleebana’s innovative Brow Henna formula helps to strengthen eyebrow hair, promote hair growth and restore the natural shape of the eyebrows. Our brilliant black...

    Selfie Ring Light

    Rechargeable LED 30 Ring Light Fits iPhone, Samsung HTC and other smartphones (available in white only). Comes with rechareable cord.

    2 in 1 Tint Mixing Dish

    BELMACIL 2 IN 1 TINT MIXING DISH  A clear acrylic dish that is ease of use, conveniently designed, professional 2 in 1 tint mixing dish with brush rest. Needing to mix...

    Brow Henna Mixing Tool

    $23.00 Battery operated mixing tool. Easy to use and compact. Mixing henna is one of the crucial steps with this service. To thin it will not have the constancy or amount...

    Brow Henna Mixing Cup

    Henna Mixing Dishes Made with laboratory-grade glass. The henna mixing dish can be disinfected and reused between clients. Holds professional henna product specific for mixing.

    Elleebana Henna Brow Shampoo

    PROPER PREPARATION IS KEY TO PERFECT EYEBROW HENNA! Elleebana Brow Henna Shampoo is used to prepare your client’s hair and skin before a brow henna procedure. It is important that the...

    Brow Mapping String (black charcoal)

    $20.00 Brow Mapping String in black charcoal. 32 ft of charcoal thread. Compact and ready to use. Create the perfect brow with our new brow pigment thread!

    Clear Eyebrow Ruler (30 count)

    Take the guessing out of brow mapping! 30 pack of clear tape rulers. Sticks on client for measurements. Disposable and easy to use,will not slip down,Perfect for both professional Tattoos Stylists...

    New! Rose Gold Tweezers

    These tweezers have the best angle for brow work!

    Henna Brow Application Brush & Comb – 2 pack

    What it is: A multitasking tool that grooms the brows and lashes. The soft short brush for tint & lift applications What it does: This two-in-one tool includes a natural, boar-bristle...